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Training Needs Analysis Development & Execution
Is your staff in need of trainings to deliver maximum efficiency in work output? To find out, you would need to conduct Training Needs Analysis. A Training Needs Analysis is a review of the learning and development requirements for your staff, the outcomes of which are a 'shopping list' of the skills your business needs to move forward.

Numerous organizations struggle to comply with certification requirements, and are often unable to reap the maximum benefit from internal audits. Reasons behind this include the following.
Information Needs Challenges
  Collecting needs of each department
  When and where trainings are available and who the trainers are
  How registration will take place for these trainings
Execution Challenges
  Dealing with multiple trainers or training providers
  Multiple transactions related to purchase orders and payments
  Venue arrangements
  Informing trainees
  Issuing certificates
  Maintaining a training record
  Searching for trainings for a specific number of participants
  Training and trainer evaluations
This is where you sit back, relax and let STCI's Value Addition do the trick!
  STCI’s spectacular online assessment tool digitizes the process and provides you with the filtered results of the needs analysis as required
  STCI’s practical capability execution management procedure resolves execution challenges by reviewing all possibilities and giving you the training information that suits your case best
  STCI’s unique training selection criteria entails the following
    - Practicality: Use of practical examples, activities and demonstrations
    - Monitoring: Quarterly questions, reminder of concepts and tips & tricks
    - Commitment Building: Recognition of implementation of concepts
    - Knowledge Transfer: Making concepts readily available in soft copies

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