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Outsourced Supply Chain Management
STCI enables its clients to focus on their core processes by handling their supply chain management as outsourced services. With benchmark processes, running on state of the art planning systems handled by expert supply chain consultants, STCI helps its client to meet their customer service requirements while keeping their inventory at optimized levels and costs to a minimum.
STCI has the capability to handle end-to-end supply chain or any one or more of the supplychain components as required by the client. Specifically, STCI provides the following services:
Demand Planning – using the past trends, prepare the sales forecast for the future
Purchasing – selecting and contracting the best suppliers

Supply Planning – converting the sales forecast in to supply plans and orders using the optimized inventory levels and planning systems

Ordering – placing & tracking orders with the suppliers on behalf of the client
Warehousing & Logistics – identifying third party warehousing & logistics providers and interfacing with them to handle     the end-to-end supply chain
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